Oxygen mesotherapy


Oxygen is the source of life for all cells. To be young and beautiful skin should receive enough oxygen and nutrients. 
By supplying the cells with oxygen dependent and the process of regeneration of the skin. 
With age under the influence of natural biological processes and the impact of okolnaata environment, the cells receive less oxygen and other nutrients impairs the activity of the epidermis and its ability to recover. 
In this respect, important is the additional saturation of epidermal cells with oxygen. 
Oxygen therapy is relatively new in cosmetics as incremental impact of the high velocity jet skin clean kislood - "oxygen needle." 
Oxygen mesotherapy suggests popdhod individual depending on the age, type and condition of the skin. 
What is the effect of oxygen mesotherapy: 
1 Stimulates circulation. 
2 stimulates the regeneration of the squat. 
3 Improves breathing. 
4 Improves elimination of metabolic waste products and toxins. 
5 Prevention and treatment of acne. 
6 Speeds up metabolic processes in cells. 
7 Treatment of hyperpigmentation. 
8 Treatment of swelling and dark circles under the eyes. 
9 moisturizes dry and aging skin. 
10 Care and treatment of hair loss scale. 
What are the benefits of oxygen mesotherapy. 
1 Safety - used pure medical oxygen. 
2 It can be used before and after surgery - chemical peels, filling and handling of blachki / fillers, botox and more. / 
3 In the reduced elasticity of the skin. 
4 No side effects. 
5 The therapy is painless and enjoyable. 
Oxygen mesotherapy / intra-epidermal injection / is done by inserting in the epidermal layers of the skin of active substances using oxygen as the oxygen flow does not affect the integrity of the stratum corneum. The high-speed jet of oxygen converted to the active substance or substances in the cocktail of fine droplets with a diameter of several microns and injected them into the skin. The effect of therapy is based on the fact that the epidermal cells receive oxygen directly from the air rather than through the blood. 
The air contained between 16 and 20% oxygen. If the increase of oxygen concentration / 98% /, and its pressure, the rate of oxygen exchange in the epidermis cells also increases. This leads to changes in the characteristics of kletanata membranes, resulting in increased permeability of the stratum corneum and increases absorption of active substances after long therapy veme nourish the skin. Also, after oxygen saturation normalizes metabolism veshtestvvata and accelerates the regeneration of the skin.