EUROPASS: What is it?
Europass is developed in the framework of the Copenhagen Declaration decisions and decisions of the Council on strengthening cooperation in vocational education and training, about the need to create a single framework of qualifications and competences on the basis of existing mechanisms for ensuring transparency and through the optimization of the relevant interoperability.
The aim of Europass is to improve citizens' mobility and access to training, improvement of management and the creation of a consistent strategy for the transparency of qualifications and competences.
To accomplish this task in each country a suitable body for the coordination of all activities in the field of Europass (management, conceptual apparatus and the Europass format and documents belonging to it).
Europass is one of three tools that increase mobility within the European strategy for education and training, 2010. The other two instruments is a portal on learning opportunities in Europe and the European Qualifications Framework.
As already mentioned, the Europass was introduced in January 2005 in 20 languages ​​Portfolio (set of documents) Europass allows citizens in a clear, concise and clear form to submit the results of their training to educational institutions, employers and others.
Europass portfolio and its constituent documents based on:
· General levels of the system and their description in terms of credits;
· Competence describing learning outcomes.
Ploteus portal is intended to help students, job seekers, workers, parents, employees and teachers of vocational guidance services in the implementation of research training opportunities in Europe.
The package of documents (portfolio) Europass include:
1.Rezyume Europass (Europass CV).
2.Europass-Mobility (Europass -Mobile).
3.Diplom on professional education.
4.Prilozhenie to certificates of vocational education and training.
5.Portfolio foreign languages.
The documents are completed and issued by competent organizations in 20 different languages.
Documents «Europass» records all periods of training citizens abroad. The Europass-Mobility is indicated European citizen educational trajectory, namely: what time, at what age, in what status (level of education and professional status) was a citizen of another country for training.
The document contains the name of the educational institution in which citizens educated at home, and which directs him to study abroad. The organization establishes a connection with the host organization and submits an application to the National Europass Centre, or an organization that is engaged in the program Europass-Mobility, which specifies the content, objectives and duration of training in Europe, a mentor in the host country, which will be responsible for providing support to the trainee. If necessary, the guide and the host organization cooperate in providing the person the necessary information in the field of occupational health and safety, labor law, etc. in the host country.

European Institute of beauty and cosmetology is certified for the grant «EUROPASS» documents in the following professions:
- Beautician-aesthetists
- Masseur
- Master nail service
- Professional Grimmer
Get the knowledge and pass the professional examination is now possible in Russian, which provides a unique opportunity to live and work in any EU country.
We provide our students with the opportunity to study and take the exam on the "Europass" both in Russia and abroad.

For a set of documents «EUROPASS» should:

- Get basic vocational education in the relevant institution, confirmed by the diploma.
- To provide an additional qualifying examination in "
- Have the language skills within a professional wage.
Use the document «EUROPASS» as possible if:
- Do you intend to live and work in one of the EU countries
- Stand for participation in any educational or training program within the framework of the European Union.
The most important advantage of «EUROPASS» is a single pan-European form of its constituent documents. You do not have to complete their education and receive additional training abroad to formal employment!