About us

Beauty and perfection of the human face and body fascinated people since ancient times. Apollo and Nefertiti, Cleopatra, Aphrodite, Venus de Milo ... They admired them sang, bowed before them. Even today, at the turn of the third millennium , they remain human beauty standards are aiming . In today's world figure and appearance of human subjects are improving. Many men and women use the services of professionals to keep in shape, fix the exterior, improving the overall condition .
Today, the world is firmly entrenched very correct fashion - fashion be beautiful and healthy. And if so, then the beauty industry has received a new impetus to the development. Number of spas, fitness centers, beauty salons and studios are increasing day by day. And growing demand for qualified beauticians.
Modern cosmetology - a subtle fusion of science and art. It's not magic, and time-consuming work, as a specialist, and the client to care for their skin .
Our European Institute of beauty and cosmetology successfully educates students for over 6 years , is one of the most prestigious training centers in Eastern Europe , has a right to issue certificates EUROPASS, which are universal instrument of education in the entire European Union and do not require further confirmation of their qualifications. Document EUROPASS - Europass is your specialist!
Under the guidance of doctors, experienced professionals in their field, our institute prepares students to the highest European standards. Successful , proven over the years a combination of theoretical lectures and workshops, as well as the author's methods of teaching that our teachers used in teaching cosmetology, make learning not only effective, but also fun and enjoyable .
Our goals
Since its inception to the present day the main objective of the Institute is to train highly qualified specialists for the beauty industry in the maintenance , restoration and strengthening of the personal health of citizens through the provision of quality medical and aesthetic services and sale of goods to help rehabilitation and care.
Teaching staff
To achieve this goal the institute leaders were picked competent and talented teachers , consisting of professional educators and physicians with considerable experience in the fields of education and medicine.
Continuous professional growth and attention to the market allow school teachers to be aware of new products and technological advances in the beauty industry. Extensive experience and constant confirmation of their qualifications allow our teachers to prepare the best specialists demanded modern market and occupy a leading position.
Key Benefits:
- A high level of education and a large amount of practice;
- A wide range of studied techniques and technologies used in the practice of cosmetology , regularly updating the material under study;
- All the practical classes are held in pairs, which provides a complete mastery of techniques;
- Cooperation with leading European clinics of plastic surgery and cosmetology centers can yield additional relevant information and sharing of experiences;
- That there are a special section on the psychology of communication and the basics of customer-oriented business;
- Shift ( morning, evening ) dates practical exercises;
- State documents entitling them to engage in professional activities in the field of cosmetology lawfully;
- European Diploma EUROPASS - automatic recognition of your diploma mills in the EU;
- The possibility of learning different languages ​​: Bulgarian, English , Russian , Spanish;
- Diplomas became possible for the citizens of Russia and CIS countries;
- May be trained in Europe or Russia.
Additional benefits:
- Familiarity with the professional production of leading cosmetic brands ;
-The ability to undergo additional training on interesting narrow techniques and technologies ;
- The possibility of an internship in the European Union;
- If you choose on the basis of our training institute in Bulgaria, you have a chance to relax in the beautiful seaside resort!
Beautician courses will give you not only high paying profession , but also valuable skills about how to keep yourself in shape , save invaluable youth and beauty. You will learn many secrets of beauty, learn the different techniques , pass practice in professional salons European level . You can be assured that you will always have a good , popular specialties that will generate income.
Do not stay there - to educate, to acquire new knowledge and profession - you invest in your future! And you can achieve this goal!