Bottom / 30-40 min / 40lv.
Breeches 30lv.
Belly 30lv.
Waist 50lv.
Hands (inside) 20lv.
Belly and waist 70lv.
Zones - hips (front,back or side) + Gift lymphatic drainage of the treated area (first procedure) 30lv.
Knees 20lv.


Cavitation is a process that is caused by the ultrasound in the tissue fluid. The method uses controlled low-frequency waves that generate microbubbles. These bubbles burst, due to changes in the pressure of the fat cells in the treatment area and destroy themselves. These fat cells turn into a liquid substance that is derived from the body through the lymphatic and urinary systems. The ultrasonic waves act through the skin and lead to a reduction in the adipose tissue. The cavitation effect makes the fatty formations softer, separates them from other tissues and allows the formed liquid easily to be excreted by the body.

The reduction of the weight by cavitation is an effective method for removing fat deposits without surgery.

The effect is achieved by synchronized low frequency ultrasonic waves, thus ensuring the integrity of other storage tissues. In other words, the control over the work of low-frequency ultrasonic waves, carried out by a microprocessor, allows directing the action to the fat. The ultrasonic waves are transmitted to the fatty tissues by ultrasonic massage carried out with a rotary motion of the tip.

With the help of cavitation you can change your body shape, reduce the cellulite, fatty deposits and formations without damaging the tissue integrity, which makes it possible to apply a completely safe procedure. It is possible to reduce up to 2 cm of the body size per procedure. The maximum numberof procedures is between 8 and 12, depending on the amount of fatty deposits. The frequency of carrying out the procedures is once per 7 days. It is not possible to treat more than two zones at once. The cavitation treatment duration per zone is not less than 20 min.

Indications for use:

  • cellulite treatment
  • reducing the adipose tissue and the body shape
  • correction of consequences after a surgical liposuction

For best results it is recommended that the cavitation procedure should be combined with at least one of the following methods: body radio lifting (RF); vacuum; high-frequency ultrasound.

RF (Radio Frequency) is a high frequency radio wave. When such an RF wave penetrate the skin the collagen fibers in the skin tissue are heated from 45 ° C to about 65 ° C. Collagen fibers instantly react, the loose skin wrinkles are stretched by the skin collagen activation and that gradually causes cell rejuvenation, sealing and reduction of wrinkles. The skin gets smoother and tighter and restores elasticity, blood circulation is improved, pores shrink themselves, acne vanishes.

RF waves impact not only the skin, but also the fatty tissue. So RF is widely used on the face and neck for removing wrinkles and tightness as well as on other parts of the body for weight reduction, smoothing and cellulite removal, in case of postnatal recovery (contraction of the abdomen) and so on.

The vacuum was first used in medicine for scars treatment in case of liposuction postoperative recovery. It is known that the deep massage equals to passive aerobic exercise. It has a unique effect on toxins removal from the body and cellulite removal.